Bee Amazing

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Here at Doe Lay Bee we look to get the most out of each addition to the farm. Adding Honey Bees was no exception. These little wonders provide a great contribution to the local environment, helping to boost the struggling pollinator population while at the same time producing amazing honey, beeswax, pollen, and propolis that we can use here at the farm.

The queen is the heart of the hive. A queen dictates many characteristics of the hive, from temperament to cleanliness, etc.
Can you spot one of our first queens? She is marked so it should not be too difficult.
(She has a longer abdomen and few to no stripes.)

One of the first jobs our busy little bees have to do is create all their beautiful wax comb. The impressive hexagon structure is multipurpose. From nursery, to kitchen, to pantry... the bees use their space very effectively.
Here we have a bee generating wax to give them more space for honey.

Once the comb is ready to go, the queen will start laying a single egg in the center of each cell. The eggs look like little white dashes.

The nurse bees will then care for the egg as it progresses throughout the rest of the process. Here we have some in the larval state.

Around Day 10, the nurse bees will cap the cell containing the larva. The pupation stage will continue for the next 12 days when the adult bee will chew through the capping and emerge to join the hive.

Nature is just so beautiful. We never thought bees could be so fascinating but they have become such an integral part of our little farm.